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"Transdisciplinary Dialogues” USJ/FRC Conference
Title of the lecture: Transdisciplinary dialogues and transformative prospects in the realm of Conservation and Restoration

September 28, 7:30pm – Rui Cunha Foundation

Speakers: Celio Marques and Herminia Sol, TECHN&ART Research Unit, Instituto Politecnico de Tomar, Portugal


With the increase in transdisciplinary network scenarios challenges as well as collaboration opportunities emerge. The field of conservation and restoration is no exception as the entrance in a new millennium brought new challenges and, along with them, the need for new solutions for new predicaments. After all, this dynamic is at the root of scientific progress. The convergence of new outlooks which are subsequently verbalized in the shape of narratives, are vital to promote the understanding and the dissemination of findings. With that in mind, the Center for Technology, Restoration and Arts Enhancement (TECHN&ART) of the Polytechnical Institute of Tomar, taking advantage of its transdisciplinary identity, is currently developing several Conservation and Restoration projects that benefit from a plurality of fields of expertise. In light of this, a brief account of the research work being done at TECHN&ART regarding Conservation and Restoration projects will be given while displaying of some of its best examples and exploring new concepts such as Creative Conservation.

Célio Gonçalo Marques is Professor at the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Department of the Polytechnic University of Tomar (Portugal). He holds a PhD in Educational Sciences with specialization in Educational Technology, a MSc in Educational Multimedia Communication, a post-graduation in e-Learning Techniques and Contexts, and a degree in Computer Science and Management.
He is the Director of the Laboratory of Pedagogical Innovation and Distance Learning and the President of the Technical and Scientific Council of IPT’s School of Management.
He is Integrated Researcher and Director of the TECHN&ART Research Unit, Research Collaborator at the Laboratory of Educational Technology (University of Coimbra), and at the Center for Administration and Public Policy (University of Lisbon). His research interests include educational technology, digital innovation, technology applied to heritage, and public policies.
He is the author of over two hundred publications and is a member of the editorial board of several journals, and member of organizing committees of various international conferences. He participated in numerous projects related to ICT and has provided computer consulting to several companies.
He is also expert at the Higher Education Assessment and Accreditation Agency (A3ES) and member of the Association for the Promotion and Development of the Information Society (APDSI), Europeana Network Association, and coordinating committee of NAU platform.
Hermínia Sol is an Assistant Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar (Portugal) (IPT), where she teaches English and Screenwriting. She holds a degree in English and Portuguese from the University of Coimbra (Portugal), an MA in Womens Studies from the University of Limerick (Ireland) and a PhD in American Literature from the University of Coimbra (Portugal). She is deputy director and researcher at the Centre for Technology, Restoration and Arts Enhancement (TECHN&ART) of the IPT and is also a researcher at the Centre for English Studies of the University of Lisbon (ULICES). Hermínia Sol has done research in the fields of travel literature, short fiction, cinema and literature, and womens studies and American Studies. The study of narratives, both written and cinematic, has been central to her academic work. In 2010 she produced and co-directed the photodocumentary The pleasant feeling of being in a more innocent age: Paul Bowles impressions of Portugal and published her first book in 2019 Paul Bowles in Portugal (Almedina).
Since 2020 he has also been working in the field of memo

GBA + Hengqin Opportunities
Jointly held by Rui Cunha Foundation and Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Macau)

Date: September 18, 2023

Time: 6:30pm-7:45pm

Guest Speakers:
Matthew Ossolinski, CEO of Hengqin-based GW Investment Consulting;
Evelyn Kong Manager of Pak Lek Group;
João Li Director of Perfeição company Limited;
Jessie Lin C&C Lawyers, Consultant Qualified mainland Chinese lawyer.

José Carlos Matias, Director of Macau Business and Macau News Agency

The Guangdong-Macau In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin Two Years After Its Establishment – An Overview
Set of Incentives and Favorable Policies and Measures Adopted for Macau-Based Companies Operating in Hengqin – Breadth and Effectiveness
The First and Second Line – How Much of a Game Changer Will the Second Line of Hengqin Be and the Free Flow of Goods Between Macau and Hengqin?
Mobility of People – Is the First Line a Soft Border? Non-Chinese Nationals Border-Crossing Mobility
Legal System: Steps Towards the Development of Hengqins Legal System, Especially in Regards to Commercial Law and Disputes
How Can Hengqin Leverage Macaus Role as a China-PSC (Portuguese-Speaking Countries) Platform?
Specific Favourable Policies and Measures for Investment from Lusophone Companies (Tax Incentives, Other Favourable Measures, HR Recruitment)
Capital Mobility and Repatriation of Profits Prospects
Market Access (Trade of Goods) for PSC Companies
Transportation and Interconnectivity Between Macau, Hengqin, and the Greater Bay Area (GBA) (High-Speed Railway, Airport Connection)

This event will be held in English and entry is free.
This conference is broadcasted on FRC Facebook page.
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CIRCLE OF IDEAS "Can Macau Work From Home?"
The Macanese Youth Association (Associação dos Jovens Macaenses - AJM) and Rui Cunha Foundation will organize a seminar titled “Can Macau work from home?” on Wednesday, 13 September 2023, at 6:30pm, at the Rui Cunha Foundation Gallery, where speakers José Álvares, José Luís Sales Marques, Jess Chan and Belina da Graça Lei will share their views on the topic of remote-working in Macau.

Work from home (WFH), or remote-work, played a crucial role throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and became an essential work tool on a global scale.

As the world faced unprecedented restrictions and social distancing measures, companies and employees were faced with the need to find a quick yet effective solution to maintain their operations, without putting anyone’s safety at risk.

Like so many other countries and regions, Macau also witnessed the adoption of remote-working in areas as diverse as real estate, education and even public services.

WFH proved to have had many advantages and undeniable benefits during the difficult period the world experienced, particularly in terms of maintaining the operation of businesses and in protecting the health of employees. Nevertheless, it is important to highlight that if we intend to continue adopting this method of work in the near future, we must take into account some of the its drawbacks, so that it is properly regulated to prevent and avoid any negative consequences.

With this in mind, and with the aim or reflecting a little more on the advantages and disadvantages of WFH, as well as the need (or not) for its specific regulations in Macau, AJM and Rui Cunha Foundation would like to invite members of the public to attend this session, held in English and Chinese.

Admission is free.
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Conferência "O Coração na Arte"
A Fundação Rui Cunha e a Associação dos Médicos de Língua Portuguesa de Macau apresentam amanhã, sexta-feira, 7 de Julho às 18:30, uma conferência intitulada “O Coração na Arte”, que terá como orador convidado o Dr. Francisco Araújo, Presidente da Sociedade Portuguesa de Aterosclerose e Director do Serviço de Medicina Interna do Hospital Lusíadas em Lisboa, Portugal.

Nesta conferência, onde o coração assume o papel principal, o orador procurará ilustrar, recorrendo a uma linguagem mais coloquial e menos técnica, a importância que o coração e as doenças cardiovasculares têm na poesia, na música e no cinema.

«De que forma todos nós, e a sociedade no geral, inclusivamente os médicos, podemos e devemos adoptar as mensagens que a arte incorpora, a fim de, com ela e através dela, conseguirmos comunicar melhor com os nossos pacientes?», é a questão colocada pela AMLPM perante esta Roda de Ideias.

A sessão vai ser moderada pela Dra. Mónica Pon e pelo Dr. Manuel Bento, membros da Associação dos Médicos de Língua Portuguesa de Macau.

"O Coração na Arte" será realizado em língua portuguesa, com transmissão em directo através da página de Facebook da Fundação Rui Cunha.

A entrada é livre.
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Por Macau, Mais e Melhor!

Building on the momentum: Post-pandemic recovery and beyond
The Rui Cunha Foundation and MBtv Debates present tomorrow, Wednesday, July 5th at 6.30pm, a conference about "Building on the Momentum: Post-Pandemic Recovery and Beyond", inserted on the MBtv Business Series cycle.

As Macau embraces a sound post-pandemic recovery, economic modernization and diversification take center stage, along with regional integration.

A distinguished panel of guest speakers, including representatives from Macau-based international chambers of commerce, will share their views on the way forward in another edition of the MBtv/FRC debates series.

The expert panelists invited for this evening discussion are Charles Choy, Chairman, American Chamber of Commerce in Macau; Billy Chan, Chairman, Australian Chamber of Commerce in Macau; Keith Buckley, Chairman, British Chamber of Commerce in Macao; Rutger Verschuren, Chairman, France Macau Chamber of Commerce; Rui Pedro Cunha, President, Macau European Chamber of Commerce (via Zoom); and Carlos Cid Álvares, President, Portugal-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Macau Delegation.

The session will be moderated by the Director of Macau Business and Macau News Agency, José Carlos Matias.

This conference will be held in English and broadcast live on the FRC and MBtv Facebook pages.

Admission is free.
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Lançamento da Obra . Comentário ao Crime de Fuga à Responsabilidade
A Fundação Rui Cunha apresenta, no próximo dia 15 de Junho de 2023, às 18h30, a obra, Comentário ao Crime de Fuga à Responsabilidade (p.p. art.89º da Lei do Trânsito de Macau), versão em língua portuguesa e chinesa.

De autoria de Pedro Sá Machado, com colaboração de David Sá Machado, a obra nasce a partir do programa curricular ministrado, pelo autor, na disciplina de Direito Criminal e Processo Criminal I do Curso de Mestrado em Língua Portuguesa na Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Macau, o qual passou pela anotação e comentário de decisões de jurisprudência da RAEM suficientemente controversas para uma discussão científica em sala de aula. Ora, um dos acórdãos objecto de debate foi precisamente o que agora de dá à estampa.

Na perspectiva do autor, o problema principal do crime de fuga à responsabilidade não está na forma como o juiz decide, mas sim na opção político-criminal do legislador, razão pela qual pretende esta obra oferecer um pouco de dogmática à interpretação do artigo em causa, contribuindo, singelamente, para uma discussão pública do seu conteúdo e, quem sabe, a alteração legislativa desta norma penal.

Esta obra é uma edição CRED-DM – Centro de Reflexão, Estudo e Difusão do Direito de Macau, Fundação Rui Cunha, sendo publicada em versão bilingue (português e chinês), encontrando-se disponível para aquisição na sede da Fundação Rui Cunha.

Pedro Sá Machado é Professor convidado da Faculdade de Direito de Macau; Investigador Colaborador no Instituto Jurídico da Faculdade de Direito de Coimbra; Doutor e Mestre em Ciências Jurídico- Criminais pela Faculdade de Direito de Coimbra; Especialista em Direito Penal Económico Europeu da Faculdade de Direito de Coimbra e Advogado (Portugal).
A Apresentação do livro ficará a cargo de Vasco Fong, Juiz do Tribunal de Segunda Instância da RAEM.

A sessão será realizada na Fundação Rui Cunha e contará, igualmente, com a presença do Autor.
Este evento será realizado em português.
Contamos com a presença de todos! Entrada Livre.
Por Macau, Mais e Melhor!

Magazine Launch "Via do Meio"
Na próxima quarta-feira, dia 14 de Junho, pelas 18:30 horas, na Fundação Rui Cunha, decorrerá o lançamento dos números 1 e 2 da “Via do Meio”, uma revista trimestral que é a primeira em língua portuguesa totalmente dedicada à cultura chinesa.

Produzida pela equipa do jornal Hoje Macau, a Via do Meio conta com a colaboração de diversos sinólogos, originários de vários países, incluindo Portugal, Brasil, Alemanha e Cabo Verde, entre outros. Ambos os números apresentam 148 páginas, onde se abordam temas relacionados com pensamento, história, literatura (com a poesia em lugar de destaque), religião, linguística, pintura, etc..

“A Via do Meio pretende dar a conhecer a cultura chinesa ao público lusófono”, disse o director da revista Carlos Morais José. “Neste mundo global em que vivemos é cada vez mais importante a comunicação através da cultura e o conhecimento do Outro. No caso da China, estamos perante uma civilização extremamente complexa, antiga, profunda e diversa. A Via do Meio é uma excelente porta de entrada para aceder a esta civilização e a esta cultura”, resumiu o director, que afirma também pretender “expandir cada vez mais a sinologia lusófona, desde o século XIX em estado de pousio, mas que nas últimas décadas tem conhecido, sobretudo em Portugal e no Brasil, algum desenvolvimento”. “Fomos os primeiros a mostrar a China à Europa, através dos relatos dos padres jesuítas e de escritores como Fernão Mendes Pinto. E também fomos os primeiros a trazer o Ocidente para a China, como o Farol da Guia ou a primeira impressora Gutenberg. É a altura de, aqui em Macau, mantermos a nossa tradição de sermos os primeiros. A Via do Meio percorre essa senda de pioneirismo. Posso estar enganado mas creio que não existe uma revista deste tipo em nenhuma língua europeia.”, concluiu.

A sessão será realizada em português com interpretação simultânea para mandarim e a entrada é livre.

Não perca! Contamos consigo!

Por Macau, mais e melhor!

Phoenix Rising: Making the Most of Tourism Revival
The Rui Cunha Foundation and MBtv Debates present tomorrow, Tuesday, June 6th at 6.30pm, a conference about "Phoenix Rising: Making the Most of Tourism Revival", inserted in the Business Series of the FRC/MBTV Debates, co-organized with the Macau Business magazine.

The panel of invited experts is composed of speakers Luís Herédia, President of the Macau Hotel Association; Célia Lao, Vice-Chairman of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao GBA Aviation Exchange Association; Vinzenz Rosa de Pauli, President of SKAL International Macau; and Penny Wan, Professor at the Macao Institute for Tourism Studies.

Macaus tourism industry has bounced back with a bang following the post-COVID reopening. As mass tourism returns, prospects for the local economy are once again bullish.

The case for upgrading the visitor experience is stronger than ever in an increasingly competitive regional and global landscape. Against this backdrop, the shortage of human resources and international connectivity take center stage and will be the trigger for this talk.

The session will be held in English, with the expected moderation by José Carlos Matias, Director of Macau Business and Macau News Agency.

This conference will be broadcast live on FRC Facebook page, and on MBtv Facebook page. Nevertheless, please join us at FRC Gallery so you can contribute with your opinions and insights.

Admission is free.
Dont miss it!
For Macau, Further and Higher!

China and Angola: Understanding a Complex Relationship
The Rui Cunha Foundation presents on Monday, May 22nd at 6.30pm, a talk on “China and Angola: Understanding a Complex Relationship in Times of World Polarization”, with Prof. Rui Verde, Research Associate at the African Studies Centre, University of Oxford.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, China and Angola have established a relationship that has served as a paradigm for the rest of Africa. This presentation starts with a history of the background to this connection, its beginnings and evolution, and focuses on the points that arouse the greatest interest.

They are the economic and financial architecture, the contribution to development, the problems encountered with regard to corruption and illicit appropriation of funds, and the current situation of calibration and response to current challenges, namely, the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and the burden of debt on Angolan public finances.

The whole relationship has obeyed pragmatic considerations, and Angola and China are in a mutual learning process that is constant.

Rui Verde is an Associate Researcher at the Center for African Studies of University of Oxford, and Legal Editor of MakaAngola. He also serves as Country Leader of the British Academy-sponsored international team to assess public oversight of digital surveillance for intelligence purposes in southern Africa.

Born in Lisbon in 1966, he holds a PhD in Law from the University of Newcastle, United Kingdom and a degree in Law from the Catholic University of Lisbon, Portugal. He is also a Professor at the Indian Management Institute, Delhi, which awarded him an honorary doctorate.

He has been a Visiting Professor in Brazil and Kazakhstan, as well as a Visiting Fellow at Newcastle University. He also taught in London. Previously, he was a Professor of Law in Portugal, where he had been vice-rector of a university and vice-president of another university in Angola. He is co-founder of the Angola Research Network, and also full member of Chatham House (Royal Institute of International Relations).

This talk will be delivered in English.

Admission is free.
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For Macau, Further and Higher!

Fazer Justiça IX "Responsabilidade Criminal Rodoviária"
A Fundação Rui Cunha e a Escola Portuguesa de Macau apresentaram, no dia 12 de Maio pelas 15:00, um dos seus emblemáticos projectos: o Programa Fazer Justiça – IX Edição, que em 2023 foi dedicado ao tema da “Responsabilidade Criminal Rodoviária".
Por ocasião do 11º Aniversário da Fundação Rui Cunha, entretanto adiado por razões imprevistas, este evento voltou a marcar presença com o apoio incondicional da EPM desde a primeira sessão.
O CRED-DM – Centro de Reflexão, Estudo e Difusão do Direito de Macau da FRC pretende, através desta iniciativa anual, dar a conhecer aos estudantes do secundário os fundamentos essenciais da Lei e da Justiça, bem como ajudá-los a compreender o sistema jurídico da RAEM.
A ideia é desmistificar o Direito perante o olhar dos mais jovens e, acima de tudo, sensibilizá-los para a importância e mais valia de um Direito de Macau, único e próprio, cujo futuro depende em exclusivo do que eles próprios pretendam e ambicionem.
Assim, foi confiado aos alunos, previamente seleccionados pela EPM, um caso irreal para resolverem, através da construção dos intervenientes, das provas e de todo o cenário do julgamento.
A Sessão de Audiência e Julgamento foi reproduzida ao vivo pelos jovens participantes no auditório da Escola Portuguesa de Macau, sob a imprescindível orientação do ilustre Magistrado, Dr. Carlos Carvalho.
New Book Launch
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